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Meet Anjali

Your Counselling Psychologist

Hello there! I completed my Bachelors in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University and went on to attend Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai - the best-known institution in the field in India. During my studies, I engaged in deeply intriguing conversations with my professors that helped me develop my skills and potential.

Alongside my curriculum, I took up several field works that served humanitarian grounds. I've always had a passion for using my knowledge and abilities to support those around me, especially people and children in difficult situations. My education at Tata Institute of Social Sciences equipped me with excellent counseling and psychotherapy skills, making me more empathetic and allowing me to transfer the best knowledge from world-class academicians.

While working in the humanitarian realm, I found myself deeply unsatisfied by the limitations of my role serving as a psychologist in a child care institution or working with missing children and victims of abuse. I wanted to find a way to truly help and find a conclusion to their problems. That's why I pursued a second Masters in Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice from Queen's University Belfast, UK, seeking applications to the problems I saw on the ground.

Following that, I joined the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, where I analyzed and investigated cases of child sexual abuse from all over the country. It gave me a sense of impact that I've been wanting to make all these years. However, due to my full-time work commitments at the Hon'ble Commission, I've been keeping my psychotherapy practice part-time. But starting from January 2022, I decided to make it my full-time work in order to seek more work-life balance and stability. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me.


Personally, I have been deeply impacted by therapy over the years, I have sought help without feeling tabooed or stigma, and because of that, I have been able to overcome certain life conditions and mindsets. My therapists are the ones who have contributed the most to my greater well-being and life satisfaction, and to them, I owe a lot of who I am today.

Hence, I welcome you here, I hope you are able to make some meaning out of our interaction, and I hope I am of help to you!

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